Motorcycle tire inner tube

A motorcycle inner tube is a rubber tube that is placed inside a motorcycle tire to hold the air and provide a buffer between the tire and the rim. Inner tubes are commonly used in tube-type motorcycle tires, which are designed to be used with an inner tube.

Inner tubes are typically made of natural or butyl rubber and are available in a range of sizes to fit different tire sizes and valve types. They are inflated with air using a motorcycle air pump, and the air pressure in the inner tube can be adjusted to suit the rider’s preferences and the conditions of the road.

Inner tubes provide a number of benefits for motorcycle riders, including:

  • Easier installation and repair: Inner tubes make it easier to install and repair tube-type motorcycle tires, as they can be removed and replaced without having to dismount the tire from the rim.
  • Better protection against punctures: The inner tube provides an additional layer of protection against punctures and other damage to the tire. This can help to prevent flats and allow the rider to continue riding for a longer distance before having to make a repair.
  • More affordable: Inner tubes are generally less expensive than tubeless motorcycle tires, which can make them a more attractive option for riders on a budget.

Overall, inner tubes are an important component of tube-type motorcycle tires and can provide a number of benefits for riders. It’s important to choose the right inner tube for your tire size and valve type, and to maintain the correct air pressure in the inner tube to ensure the best performance and safety of your motorcycle.


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