Motorcycle tire load index!

The load index of a motorcycle tire is a numerical code that indicates the maximum load that the tire is capable of carrying. The load index is typically represented by a number ranging from 0 to 279, with higher numbers indicating a higher maximum load capacity.

The load index is important because it determines the maximum weight that a motorcycle tire can safely carry. If a tire is loaded beyond its maximum load capacity, it can become overloaded and may fail, which can be dangerous for the rider.

To determine the load index of a motorcycle tire, you will need to refer to the tire’s sidewall, where the information is typically printed. The load index is usually indicated with a number following the tire’s size, such as “180/55ZR17 73W,” where the number “73” is the load index.

In general, the load index of a motorcycle tire should be matched to the weight of the motorcycle and its load. For example, a motorcycle with a curb weight of 500 pounds and a maximum load of 200 pounds would need a tire with a load index of at least 700 (500 + 200 = 700). It’s important to consult with a tire specialist or refer to the motorcycle manufacturer’s recommendations to determine the correct load index for your motorcycle. Using a tire with the incorrect load index can be dangerous and can increase the risk of a tire failure.


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