Can you use tubeless motorcycle tires with tubes?

Yes, you can use tubeless motorcycle tires with tubes. Tubeless tires are designed to be used without an inner tube, but in some cases it may be necessary or desirable to use a tube with a tubeless tire.

For example, if you have a tubeless tire that has sustained a puncture that cannot be repaired using a tubeless tire repair kit, you may need to temporarily use a tube in the tire to get the motorcycle home or to a service center. In this case, you can install the tube in the tire in the same way you would with a standard tire that is designed to be used with an inner tube.

Additionally, some riders prefer to use tubes in their tubeless tires for added protection against punctures or other tire failures. While this is not necessary with most modern tubeless tires, it is an option if you want extra peace of mind.

Overall, using a tube with a tubeless motorcycle tire is possible, but it should only be done in certain situations and with the proper precautions. It is always best to consult with a qualified service technician if you have any questions or concerns about using tubes with tubeless tires.


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